How do I view my call history details?

How to view the details on your call history

Click Details on a call log to get details on how long the call lasted, the cost, and more.




Blocks the caller from making further calls to this account.

Time and Length

Displays details on when the call was initiated, when it connected to the endpoint, when the call ended, what duration of the call was billed, and the actual duration of the call.


Displays the cost of the call, if the call was within the calling plan, and the rate per minute from the plan.


Displays the phone number and location of the originating call, and if the call came from on or off Alianza's network.


Displays the phone number and location of the call recipient user that received the call, and if they were on or off Alianza's network.

Technical Details

Displays a great amount of detail on the call that can be used for diagnostics, and is most commonly viewed to double-check what number was actually dialed for outbound calls. For more information regarding these details, contact Alianza Support.